Established in 1987

The Plane Iron Shop

Plane-iron-shopSome of you will know us from our Ebay shop known as ‘The Plane Iron Shop‘ which we have been running since 2008.

Some years ago we acquired a stock of Sheffield made plane irons dating from before World War 2, Most are laminated steel, some are solid tool steel. Makers include J. Herring (more famous for their fine carving tools) Isaac Greaves, W.K & C. Peace and Kenyon. They fit wooden planes and traditional wood filled metal planes, not Stanley type planes. The irons are tapered, ie. thicker at the cutting edge. They are all unused and some may have some slight surface rust marks but nevertheless will take a very good edge. Eminently suitable for those making their own bench planes. We also have a large stock of used plane irons and spare parts for both wooden and metal ‘Stanley’ type planes.

We have also been sorting out a large consignment of Army Surplus tools and equipment such as spanners, tools, badges and buttons.

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