Established in 1987

Items wanted

Tools, Machines and Workshop Equipment always wanted for purchase.

We are always looking for workshop contents of all types, from model engineering through to clockmaking and blacksmithing. Model engineers workshops are particularly sought, whether whole or part contents. We can make offers for complete contents or individual machines.

Model Engineers Workshop Contents Particularly Sought.

Lathes such as Myford Super 7, Myford ML7, Myford ML10, Boxford lathes of all types. Milling Machines such as Warco, Tom Senior, Centec, Bridgeport, Chester, Etc, Drilling machine of all makes. We also buy complete contents including taps and dies, fixings , steel and brass stock, hand tools and measuring instruments, verniers, mics etc.

Clockmaking Machines & Tools

We buy all types of clock makers tools, lathes, gear cutting machines, watchmakers lathes, depthing tools, pillar tools etc etc.

Blacksmithing Tools

We buy anvils, forges, tongs, swage blocks, bar benders, sheet metal rolls, etc etc.

Leatherworking Tools

We buy saddlers, upholsterers, cobblers and shoemakers hand tools and small machines.

Miscellaneous Engineering Machines & Tooling

We buy linishers, polishers, tapping machines, watchmaking, jewellery and model making equipment, lathes, shapers, grinders, tool and cutter grinders, surface grinders, rotary tables, dividing heads, spindle tooling, lathe chucks, collets, cutters, drills, toolposts, etc.

Woodworking Hand Tools & Equipment, Antique & Modern.

We buy planes, hand saws, chisels, carving chisels, wooden and steel vintage planes of all makes, levels. We are specially interested in makes of steel planes such as Norris, Spiers, Slater, Buck, Mathieson, etc. Good quality workbenches.

Woodworking Equipment

We buy Union Graduate wood lathes, Union Jubilee wood lathes, morticers, saw benches, sanders, dust extractors, planer/thicknessers, spindle moulders etc.

Vintage & Old Craft Tools

We buy old axes, billhooks, froes, hatchets, old garden tools, scythes, and any of the tools used by the other numerous other country craft trades.